First Blog Post

I contemplated starting a blog a while back but never did because I thought who would read what I have to say? After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to make a blog because everyone deserves to have their voices heard. I may not blog about the most recent fashion statements going around New York and California. But, I can blog about mom-related subjects, DIY crafts and science related topics (did you know we have a neighbor galaxy called Andromeda?). I feel I must give a big thank you to Anna Browning, a family member of mine and a fellow blogger, for sending me the information needed for me to start my own blog.


2 thoughts on “First Blog Post”

    1. Thank you!! I told James about my writing goal and he thought it was crazy! But I write an easy 500 word discussion boards in my college classes, so 750 doesn’t seem like that much. I’ll just have to set aside quiet time for myself so I can write. That’s easier said than done since I’m not very good with writing with the t.v. on. The t.v. is ALWAYS on at our house and it kind of drives me nuts!


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