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Cloth Diapering

Let’s talk about cloth diapers!

To some people, cloth diapers can be intimidating. I know I was intimidated when I first considered cloth diapering. Some of the questions I asked myself were:

  • Do I even have the extra time to dedicate to cloth diapering?
  • Do I have the money up front to start a stash of diapers?
  • Will I really save money in the end, and if so, how much?
  • Where do I find affordable cloth diapers and accessories?
  • Will it make my house smell?

These were all answered with a little research and after reading what seemed like a million articles, I finally bought the first two cloth diapers of what would later become our 40-diaper stash. Because I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it or not, I just bought two “China cheapies,” as they’re called. I used them over a week’s time and realized that it’s not as hard as I thought. Every time my little one would need a changing, I put the diaper in a grocery bag until time to wash (which, with two diapers, I added them into my small dish rag laundry twice a day). I gradually bought a few more diapers over time and found myself in the position where I was cloth diapering 90% of the time. So now, I cloth diaper during the day and use a disposable diaper at night. This is just my personal preference because I have yet to find a cloth diaper that’s as light and comfortable as a disposable at night.

My wash routine is one that’s approved by Fluff Love & CD Science. It’s pretty basic and simple. I wait until about 30 diapers are ready to be washed (storing them in wet bags until then). They do not smell at all! I know, I was surprised, too! I tried a Diaper Genie but they smelled. So, I hang three wet bags in my laundry room and you’d never know they were there. I wash about every three days. Anyway, my wash routine is as follows:

  1. Pre-wash with just a little liquid detergent
  2. Main wash with the recommended amount of detergent
  3. Rinse cycle
  4. Line dry or tumble try on low

You’re supposed to check your water hardness (Fluff Love & CD Science explains this process and why it’s important) because if you wash your diapers with hard water, it can affect them over time. One thing I always remember if I machine dry my diapers, is to never mess with them until they are cool! If you try to mess with them while hot, you run the risk of stretching out the elastic.

Some people ask what kind of effect washing diapers has on a washing machine. I run my machine through a clean cycle on the first of every month and usually a rinse cycle after every diaper wash. New washing machines have a sanitizing cycle, too, so that’s always an option if you have a newer machine. I’ve attached helpful links below if you’re considering cloth diapering! These links are one’s that have helped me tremendously through my cloth diapering experience. I also make and sell cloth diapering accessories (such as wet bags, travel diaper bags, and cloth wipes with solution spray) in my Etsy shop, so I will include that link, as well! In the Facebook group Fluff Love & CD Science, you can find everything you need to know about cloth diapering, including which detergents is best to use, which wash cycle works best for you, charts about how much money you’ll save and how to troubleshoot any problems you might run in to.

My Etsy shop:

Affordable but great quality diapers: and

Facebook group with AMAZING information:



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