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Snow Day Activities with Kids

I woke up this morning with my five-year-old’s preschool closed for the day. Any time I have both of my kids at home, the oldest always gets extremely rowdy and bored because I have to split my attention between him and his twenty-month-old brother. If you’re experiencing similar situations, here’s some activities you can do to help keep both kids occupied:

  1. Letting the kids color in coloring books while you color in an adult coloring book is always a fun thing. My kids become more interested in my coloring books rather than their own, but that’s alright. The point is that it’s keeping their attention.
  2. Make sensory water bottles. Fill empty water bottles 3/4 the way full with water and 1/4 the way full with cooking oil. Let the kids add things like beads, buttons, straws and glitter.
  3. Make I Spy bags. Full a gallon sized or a sandwich sized ziplock bag with rice. Allow the kids to add things like small matchbox cars, buttons, beads, straws, or Legos. Seal the bag and let your kids search for and find each item while checking them off a list.
  4. Makes snow cream and let your kids help! I’m not a big snow cream fan but kids are! I think it’s the fascination with making instant food from a natural substance (just like gardening) that they love so much.
  5. If you have a printer, print some educational worksheets for the kids to do. You can find some that is age appropriate for even kids under the age of two. We have an $8 monthly subscription to, which gives a lot of free printables! If you haven’t signed up for yet, I highly suggest it!
  6. There’s always the good ol’ game of Hot Lava that every kid loves! You can encorporate some education by adding in some facts about lava, for example: “Don’t step on the lava rocks! They’re still hot!” Then explain that when lava cools, it solidifies but is still hot. Research some other information on volcanos, too!

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