Mom Life

Saving Money with a Family

I’m always thinking of different ways to save money. I very rarely pay full price for anything and often times I have rude people ask, “How can you afford that?” So, here’s the answer for all you rude folks, and here’s some tips for anyone who is looking to save their family some money! Keep in mind that this is just the things I do. Other people may have other ways, but this is what had worked for my family for many years.

  1. Trade all paper products in your home for reusable cloth. If you can’t afford to buy cloth for all your paper products, tear apart some old shirts and make your own. Some uses for cloth in place of paper would be: dish towels, paper towels used to clean up spills, baby wipes, toilet paper (sounds crazy, but people really DO use cloth t.p.), dinner napkins, napkins for kids’ lunchboxes, facial tissue, makeup remover tissue, cotton balls, etc.
  2. Use coupons! You can find a lot of coupons in Sunday newspapers and even online.
  3. If you’re shopping online, check for any coupon codes.
  4. Shop at for any essentials, such as home items or baby and kids’ items. These items are brand new and have never been used, kind of like an overstock outlet.
  5. Set your home a/c or heating unit to a lower temperature in the winter (about 69 degrees) and a higher temperature in the summer (about 73 degrees). You can always layer clothes or take off layers if you’re too hot or too cold.
  6. Sign up for gas points at a local Ingles. We actually USE these! Every penny counts!
  7. If you have a cell phone, consider switching to Straight Talk. One of the big questions I get is, “How can you afford an iPhone?” The secret is… my phone bill is $45/month!! I used to be with Verizon, but got tired of paying over $120 per month. Switching to Straight Talk was the best thing I’ve ever done as far as my cell phone goes.
  8. Buy off-brand items! There’s some items I won’t buy off-brand, like cheese. But if it’s aluminum foil, cereal, butter, etc… the brand doesn’t matter!!
  9. If you have a little one in diapers, consider cloth diapering! A lot of people get discouraged because it’s expensive to start out. HOWEVER, has affordable diapers and they are durable! I bought most of my son’s diapers from there and LOVE them!
  10. Always look in the clearance section when you shop. Most of the time there’s nothing wrong with an item that is on clearance.
  11. A holiday shopping tip: Buy things AFTER the holiday, when they go on super sale, and save for the next year!
  12. Our family used to buy bottled water. The amount of money we spent on water quickly built up and we stopped. Not only because it’s expensive, but because the plastic is bad for the environment. If you buy bottled water, consider switching to a reusable water bottle.
  13. Consider making your own laundry detergent. There’s many, many recipes out there that actually WORK. Buying laundry detergent can get very pricey. I usually make my own detergent at a cost of only a few pennies per load!

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