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“My Love For You” Project

I was recently introduced to this amazing project idea. A friend of mine on Facebook had pictures of love notes around the world, from her to her husband. It was the sweetest, most romantic thing I had seen in a long time! When I asked her how she did it, she invited me to a few Facebook groups of women and men who collect these love notes, to make an album for their significant other. I will include the links to these Facebook pages below.

So, after I was added to these pages, I posted a status that said something like, “I’m looking for all states and can do a NC picture in return.” People will then comment if they’re interested. Some people only look for one photo per state, so they will have a photo album with 50 pictures representing 50 states. What you do is, write on a piece of paper: (Your partner’s name here)… (Your name here)’s love for you is so big it has reached (your location here). I’ll post examples below of some generic photos I have found.

If you’re interested in doing a project like this, add yourself to these Facebook pages! Also, feel free to add your name and your significant others name below and I can do a picture for you from my location in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Please be courteous to return the favor! I’m trying to get AS MANY places as I can, including outside the United States. I plan to print each photo and make a photo album for my husband, which I will post pictures of when this project is complete.

Facebook Pages:


Please note that I do not take any credit for the below photos. Most of these are from the Facebook pages, but I wanted to add them just to show you an example.



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