What Would Your Planet Be Like?

Alright my science friends and sci-fi fans! I want to hear your opinions!

As I watch the Science Channel, I find myself so amazed by the different planets out there and what they’re made of, their weather patterns, atmospheres, etc. So, here’s my question: If you could create your own planet, whether it be terrifying or pleasant, what would you have it be? Here’s a list of things to consider:

  1. Atmosphere: Is it gaseous, heavy gravity, or light so you could moon-walk?
  2. Materials (core and surface): Does it have a core like Earths, rocky mountains, or severe storms like Jupiter?
  3. Climate: Are there below zero temperatures, tropical weather, or thousands of degrees hot?
  4. Seasons: Are there seasons every three months like Earth? Or, one season every year?
  5. Distinct landmarks: Is there massive futuristic building on the horizon? Or, maybe large volcanos ready to erupt?
  6. Life: Whether intelligent or microscopic, is there life on your planet? How does it act? What does it do?

Throw your ideas at me! I’d love to hear them all! I sit and daydream about what a planet would look like if I were to create one. Did you know that there’s a real planet out there that’s made entirely of DIAMOND? Its name is 55 Cancri e.

You could have planets made entirely of jelly… or water… or luscious feathers. It’s completely up to you! Add your planets below in the comments and don’t forget to give it a fun name!

Share this post and get others to join! You’ll be amazed at the difference in everyone’s wonderful opinions and creative thoughts!


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