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To: The Sci-Fi Dreamer

To: The Sci-Fi Dreamer,

Have you ever sat and pondered about what it would be like on other planets? Have you ever been curious about what it would be like to be on another planet, specifically a habitable planet? Well, I have! I wonder this constantly. I watch the science channel all the time and I just can’t help but to obsess over the possibilities of another world out there that could sustain human life.

If you’re a dreamer like me, you’re in luck! Because I just published my first book that’s based on all of my scientific dreams!


Planet Talus is the first novel of The Incolo Missions series that explores the idea of populating other worlds with an intelligent human race!

“Claira Beaux and her two co-captains, Creed Freud and Geo Barchen, embark on a mission presented to them by NASA. As the three of them venture out into space, they find their new home to be the Celechron galactic ship, which is inhabited by various helpful, humanistic robots, a few other humans to be used as experimental subjects, and a select number of cryogenically frozen human eggs that they will use to populate other worlds.
As the ship arrives at its first destination, planet Talus in the Andromeda galaxy, Claira, Creed, and Geo must find a way to successfully populate the world before moving to the next one. Just as they thought they we’re about to succeed at their mission, a deathly virus comes forth and wreaks havoc. It is then up to the captains to use any means necessary to eradicate the Talianvirus and succeed at their mission, even if it means losing a few innocent lives.”

Want a signed copy? Message me for details! Turnaround time for signed copies is between 2-4 weeks.

This book is available as a paperback book or a Kindle eBook through Amazon!


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