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The Beauty of Waynesville, NC

Have you ever been to Waynesville, NC?

If not, let me show you three pictures that’ll make you want to go. These images look like they were taken in some dreamland but please, if you save them or share them, be sure to give credit to the Waynesville man who took them, Joseph Thomas.

The Smokey Mountain News shared these photos on Facebook and said, “Joseph Thomas of Waynesville got some amazing shots last night as the temp was down to 47 degrees and the sky was crystal clear! The Milky Way galaxy was on full display right off his front porch near Barber’s Orchard! Shot with a Sony A6500.”

Are you excited to see them?

I’m just as excited to show you!!

19264470_10155178349205310_4849560933455118405_o19453237_10155178349200310_4729452282015055643_oJoseph Thomas of Waynesville

Isn’t it wild to think that each individual little dot up there is a physical thing… a physical star? I love it! I can not get enough of astrology and cosmology.


To view this original post from Smoky Mountain News, click here  and a new tab will open.


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