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The Legend of Bleu Mayhem

The Martyrs


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Cover art by Trevor Porter
(who is also an amazing author)

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Years after the ozone layer failed planet Earth, an underground colony was created for the survivors to live safely away from the deadly radiation of the sun. Bleu Mayhem is an eleven-year-old boy who lives in Martyrtown, a colony directly under the nation’s capital, with his twin siblings and adoptive parents. His only friend, eleven-year-old Maxine, is his only company, as his brother, Blaide, and sister, Blair, attend Gladiator School for a year. With President Greaper withholding food portions from the colony, times become hard and people die quickly from either starvation or gladiator battles. Bleu and Maxine make a dangerous plan to leave the colony with high hopes that they’ll find something past the dirt walls of Martyrtown. However, no one has ever attempted to leave and lived to tell the tale. Not to mention, talking about leaving the colony results in sudden execution from the colony’s guards.


This book will be available as a 6×9 paperback (possibly e-book, as well) and I plan to have it around 100,000 words. The number of pages will depend on the format. I am not sure of the cost yet. It all depends on the production costs I will have to pay.