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Friendship and Adulthood

How do these two even go together? Unless, of course, you're single and have all the time in the world to hang out with friends. I was never the most popular kid in school, so I didn't have a lot of friends. I also moved around a lot and went to a handful of different… Continue reading Friendship and Adulthood


My Travel Bucket List

I'm not a big traveler. Mainly because I have a fear of boats and planes. I've gotten better with my fear of heights. But I still can't get over the fear of dying in a plane crash. I also can't get over the fear of drowning if a boat sinks. And, I have a phobia… Continue reading My Travel Bucket List

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My Answers to Writing Q&A’s

Random Writing Q&A: These questions are from this website. If you use these questions for yourself, please give this person's website the credit they deserve. Where do you get your ideas? Life. Life lessons. Anything I see in real life that moves me. Sometimes I use my own personal experiences, but I exaggerate them or… Continue reading My Answers to Writing Q&A’s

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My Current Writer’s Block & WIP

No matter how much I try to avoid it, I can never escape it. Writer's block. I'm not sure if I would even classify my current blockage as that of a writer. It's more of a... "my plot sucks so I can't move on" blockage. I have my entire WIP (work in progress) planned out. I… Continue reading My Current Writer’s Block & WIP

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NEW Marketing Planner for Published Authors

Hello beautiful people! I'm here with a special announcement. I've made a new workbook planner! Why is this one so special? It's the biggest one I've made yet, with over 400 pages AND a few cliparts throughout the chapters! The Complete Guide Marketing Planner for Published Authors Click HERE to order. I sprained my ankle… Continue reading NEW Marketing Planner for Published Authors


Amazing Etsy Gifts

As a fellow Etsy shop owner, I understand that importance of "word of mouth" advertising. That's why I like to randomly choose shops and/or items to feature in my blog! These are just items that I find interesting or useful. How do I select which items to feature? I'll either browse Etsy myself, or I'll… Continue reading Amazing Etsy Gifts