My Novels

On this page, you’ll find all the information on my books, including preview images of the front covers, pre-order forms, and links to buy. Please check back periodically because I will continue to publish new books! Be sure to scroll all the way down to see my published workbooks and novels.

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You can find most of my workbooks and novels at Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.

Rough Outline and Word Count Workbook for Novels

Rough Outline&Word Count

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Description: This workbook is to help writers organize their word count and rough outline of their story. The guide for this workbook is based on a 90,000-word novel, but any writer can use this as they see fit.

The Weekly Social Media Marketing Planner


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Description: As a fellow online shop owner, I understand the importance of social media marketing. That’s why I created this workbook, The Weekly Social Media Marketing Planner. This is specifically designed for online shop owners who want to excel at social media marketing. There are seven sections in this planner, one for each day of the week, as well as a section for a weekly overview and end of week notes. In each section, you’ll be able to organize and plan your posts for various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, forums, and blogs.

Marketing Planner for Published Authors

New Cover2

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Description: This planner was created to help published authors plan and organize their marketing strategies. Whether you chose the route of self-publishing or traditional publishing, this planner is designed with you in mind. In this book, you’ll find sections dedicated to your specific plans and next steps as a published author. Plan your book signings, writer’s retreats, merchandise and goodies, conferences, and more! Plan and organize your social media posts three weeks ahead of time. Plan it, organize it, and DO IT with this workbook!

The Incolo Missions: Planet Talus

To read a 3 chapter preview and rate/review, please visit this CreateSpace link:


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Decsription: Claira Beaux and her two co-captains, Creed Freud and Geo Barchen, embark on a mission presented to them by NASA. As the three of them venture out into space, they find their new home to be the Celechron galactic ship, which is inhabited by various helpful, humanistic robots, a few other humans to be used as experimental subjects, and a select number of cryogenically frozen human eggs that they will use to populate other worlds. As the ship arrives at its first destination, planet Talus in the Andromeda galaxy, Claira, Creed, and Geo must find a way to successfully populate the world before moving to the next one. Just as they thought they were about to succeed at their mission, a deathly virus comes forth and wreaks havoc. It is then up to the captains to use any means necessary to eradicate the Talianvirus and succeed at their mission, even if it means losing a few innocent lives.

Wondering why I chose this specific title? The Latin meaning of “incolo” is to live, inhabit, or dwell. What a suiting title since the series is about inhabiting other planets in other galaxies!


Like The Incolo Missions: Planet Talus?

Here’s the NASA memos Claira, Creed, and Geo read on their mission to planet Talus!

Cover art preview: Memo Cover Photo

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