My Novels

I have published my first book!

After many years of writing, but doing nothing with my work, I recently began publishing my books. You will be able to find all of the information on my books in this page, including preview images of the front covers, pre-order forms, and links to buy. Please check back periodically because I will continue to publish new books!

The Incolo Missions: Planet Talus: Vol. 1

To read a 3 chapter preview and rate/review, please visit this CreateSpace link:



Claira Beaux and her two co-captains, Creed Freud and Geo Barchen, embark on a mission presented to them by NASA. As the three of them venture out into space, they find their new home to be the Celechron galactic ship, which is inhabited by various helpful, humanistic robots, a few other humans to be used as experimental subjects, and a select number of cryogenically frozen human eggs that they will use to populate other worlds. As the ship arrives at its first destination, planet Talus in the Andromeda galaxy, Claira, Creed, and Geo must find a way to successfully populate the world before moving to the next one. Just as they thought they were about to succeed at their mission, a deathly virus comes forth and wreaks havoc. It is then up to the captains to use any means necessary to eradicate the Talianvirus and succeed at their mission, even if it means losing a few innocent lives.

Wondering why I chose this specific title? The Latin meaning of “incolo” is to live, inhabit, or dwell. What a suiting title since the series is about inhabiting other planets in other galaxies!

Want to read a preview and give a rating and review? Check out this link:
All ratings and reviews are appreciated. If you know me personally, don’t feel obligated to make the review positive. Just make it honest.

Links to Buy

Pre-Order Forms

You may be wondering why I have “Links to Buy” and Pre-Order forms. To answer this question, let me tell you the difference in the two choices. Also, please note that these forms are Google Docs, so they are safe to use.

When you purchase a book from one of the two choices under “Links to Buy,” that book is sent directly to you in paperback or eBook format. That book will be fresh from the printer with no signature or extras.

When you purchase a book via the “Pre-Order Forms” section of this page, your book will ship to you, directly from the author, with your choice to have it autographed. Please be sure to read the details of each form because one offers an autographed book (that comes with FREE extras) and the other is for the book with no signature. Why order one with no signature instead of buying it from the “Links to Buy” section? Honestly, because it’s cheaper for you this way and the author gets more royalties!

All the information you will need, including shipping fees, are in each document.

The image below is a preview of the Thank You card and bookmark you will receive with your purchase of an autographed copy!

Bookmark and Thank You Card Edited

Like The Incolo Missions: Planet Talus?

Here’s the NASA memos Claira, Creed, and Geo read during the book!

Cover art preview: Memo Cover Photo

Ordering link:

Order from Amazon:

  1. Paperback

Order from the Author (signed copy or original):

  1. Paperback

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